QuasiTV 2.3.0

 2.3.0 adds the ability to customize the controls on your remote, allowing you to rebind: Up, Down, Left, Right, Center, Play, Pause, Play/Pause, Channel Up and Channel Down.  These options are under Settings -> Controls QuasiTV 2.3.0 (2024-04-11): Added ability to customize controls Added option to turn off showing player controls after changing channels Added keyboard binding for next/previous channel (W/S) Updated exoplayer to media3 1.3.0 Updated other dependencies Shuffle show/movie order should be a bit more evenly distributed in what shows/movies are selected Fixed issue with web admin search bar not enabling when there are movies but no tv shows Fixed profile placeholder image not showing correctly sometimes Previous 2.2.x Changelogs: 2.2.1 (2024-02-17): Fixed side menu navigation on older devices when some items are hidden Improved importing channels from other QuasiTV clients on more complex local network setups 2.2.3 (2024-02-28): Improved syncing error handling and statu

QuasiTV 2.2.0

 All of QuasiTV's dependencies have been updated including a fairly large update to exoplayer, which moved it from the deprecated standalone exoplayer project (2.19.1) , into the exoplayer included in the official Android Jetpack Media3 library (1.2.1) . Also included is the ability to force a sync with your plex/emby/jellyfin server instead of waiting for it to happen naturally (every 2 hours or so).  The option is present in the in app settings and also in the web ui settings. Finally there is an improved way to search for content to add to your channels.  The web ui search now has a "Bulk Search" option that lets you enter multiple shows, one on each line.  The search results will then show all matches for each show.  This makes it easy to add multiple shows to a channel at the same time. Update has been uploaded to both google play and amazon and are just waiting for approval. QuasiTV 2.2.0 (2024-02-10): Updated playback engine to exoplayer from androidx media3 1.2.1

QuasiTV 2.1.0 - Playlist / Collection Based Custom Channels

QuasiTV now supports custom channels based off playlists or collections.  QuasiTV Premium and Pro users will now be able to use the web admin UI to add these channels (not available in app editor).  When adding a new channel, you will prompted to choose from the list of playlists / collections, and then prompted to name the channel.   Playlist channels can be either played in order, or completely shuffled.  Collection channels have the same options as other custom channels (shuffle show / movie order and shuffle episodes). QuasiTV 2.1.0 (2023-10-02): -Added collection / playlist channels (requires premium/pro upgrade) -Improved shuffling episodes to prevent showing the same episodes as often -Fixed renaming channel by pressing the keyboard "done" button in the in-app editor -Remove channel list in app now lists channels alphabetically -Only retry playback on error if the episode was started within the last 20 seconds -Fixed add show/movie icon in channel editor -Exoplayer upd

QuasiTV 2.0.1

2.0.1 will be rolling out over the next few days with some fixes.   One fix was quite interesting.  When playing back media, QuasiTV has to construct a URL with info on what media to play AND information about the device it is running on.  Turns out AT&T made a TV device, so when playing on this device.. it would construct a URL with "X-Plex-Device=AT&T TV" in it.  The & is actually a reserved character in urls to indicate multiple parameters, so this was causing the server to fail to parse the url and would error out.  QuasiTV now just strips out & in device / model names before creating the url and playback works again. Enjoy! QuasiTV 2.0.1 (2023-05-22): Fixed episode restarting after a google assistant or alexa prompt Fixed issue where media wouldn't play on devices with ampersands in the device or model name

QuasiTV 2.0

QuasiTV 2.0 is here!  The big new capability is user profiles (requires QuasiTV Premium IAP), but a lot of other things were improved in the process.  The web ui got a bunch of improvements and fixes.  Users who bought the 'unlimited channel' upgrade (now renamed to QuasiTV Pro) can now edit premade channels through the in app editor and the web admin.  There is also a new main menu replacing the simple popup that would display when the back button was pressed. The new update is currently in review on Google Play and will be rolled out to amazon in the upcoming days. Lets go into some details on the changes. User Profiles Once purchasing 'QuasiTV Premium' or purchasing the upgrade from Pro To Premium (cheaper option if previously bought the unlimited channel upgrade), a profiles menu will appear on the main settings page.  Clicking on that will allow you to create the "owner" profile.  The owner cannot be deleted and will have full admin. Once the owner profil

QuasiTV 1.6.0

For those unaware, plex recently had a data breach with compromised many of it's users passwords and were strongly encouraging password resets and unauthorizing all devices.  Those who did this may have found it annoying to re setup QuasiTV due to the loss of custom channels when logging in to a server. Fear no more!  1.6.0 will try its best to maintain custom channels if you log in to the same server as before.  On top of that, importing channels from other QuasiTV instances is now much easier with the addition of "Import All".  You now will now have the ability to import all channels (non duplicates) from a single server through a single selection instead of having to manually import each channel.   QuasiTV 1.6.0 (2022/08/25): Added ability to import all channels from another quasitv instance all at once Re-logging into the same server will no longer delete custom channels Updated exoplayer to 2.18.1

QuasiTV 1.5.3

Movie posters finally look normal! 1.5.3 (2022/08/18): Player controls should now auto hide after 5 seconds of inactivity Fixed movie poster scaling in channel guide Other various fixes